YouTube: Biggest Benefits For Your Business

You must constantly think of new ways to market your products and services to small businesses.

YouTube can be a cost-effective tool to help grow your business if you use it regularly as part your marketing strategy.

Online retailer ModCloth drove 4000 subscribers and 1 million YouTube views, resulting in more sales, for just a ninth of the cost of their average search campaigns.

Are you unsure if YouTube is a good tool for your business growth? These are 8 benefits YouTube can bring to your business.

1. Tap into the Horde of YouTube Traffic

Online video is on the rise.over 4 billion videos viewed daily.YouTube can be used to reach your target audience by advertising on videos created by others and creating videos. Check out this website for information about subscribers:

  • YouTube is second in search engine traffic and third most visited website globally, after Google and Facebook.
  • YouTube is visited by 1 billion people each month worldwide
  • YouTube uploads 100 hours of video every 60 seconds
  • Nielsen reports that YouTube is able to reach more Americans aged 18-34 than any other cable network.
  • YouTube and other video-streaming platforms have grown so popular that you are certain to find people who will be your loyal customers and fans. As long as you entertain, educate and solve their problems, you are guaranteed to win.

2. Your YouTube Marketing Strategy Will Allow You to Get Found on Google

Google Universal Search combines videos, images and news with local searches to give people the best search results.

You may have noticed videos appearing more frequently in Google’s search results. This is a sign that Google regards video as equally important as text-only webpages.

This can be done by creating high-quality videos on YouTube and writing quality articles. This will help you to be found more often on Google by creating backlinks.

YouTube can be used as part of your business’ marketing strategy. This will increase the authority of your site. Google considers your website more authoritative than other search engines, so your pages will be higher up in search results.

Fun fact:More than 60% of Google searchers click the first three results and more than 90% click the first 10 organic results.

Four Top Tips to Use YouTube To Increase Your Website’s Authority

1. Ask other website owners for permission to embed your videos onto their sites

Each time someone embeds your YouTube video on their website, it counts towards your video’s approval. Google will rank your video higher in search results if there are more embedders. This is because Google values websites with great content that is regularly updated.

2. 2.YouTube will associate your website with your channel to show that you are the official representative of your brand.

When someone searches for your name or terms related to the services that you provide, they will see more relevant video results.

3. Share your videos on social media platforms

Google considers social media metrics when ranking pages. Google will consider sharing high-quality videos that are shared by others as a sign that you are creating content that is valuable for your target audience.

4. Your audience should have more choices.

Your videos will be more engaging if you offer your viewers a variety of information consumption options, including audio cues, video illustrations, and text. This is because you cater to different learning styles.

Fun Fact:

  • Visual learners account for 65% of the population.
  • 30% of people are auditory learners
  • 5% of people can be kinesthetic learners

3. Your Content Never Dies

YouTube can be used to repurpose content that you have already created, without you having to invest too much time or money.

You can reach an audience who will enjoy the content that you already have created by repurposing it.

For example, this blog post, can easily be re-purposed into many formats including:

  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Präsentations
  • Video series

This allows you to create at most 4 pieces of content using just one idea. It also results in an engaged audience that can easily absorb the information you give them.

4. Expand Your Audience Worldwide

This is one the greatest benefits of YouTube for business.

Video content is a great way to attract new customers who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see your business. YouTube allows you to reach people around the world even if your only language is English.

Native English speakers are an advantage as it is difficult to capture large English-speaking markets.(30% of all YouTube Views)If you are unable to write or produce great content, it is a sign of weakness.

Closed-captions can be added to your videos to reach new audiences. This is because you cater to different needs.

Research shows that closed-captions videos receive 4% more views than those without.

Fun Fact:People who prefer video with closed captions enabled to view are 80%.

Include several calls-to-actions in your videos with annotations linking to:

  • Other videos
  • Your website should contain content
  • Email auto-responder series
  • Offers of products and services

5. YouTube – Build your email list

YouTube is a great tool for building your email list. You can also continue to create engaging, valuable content.

Software that allows you embed your sign up form directly in YouTube videos can be used. You can temporarily stop a video so that viewers can enter their email address to subscribe to your list.

This approach will make it easy to build an email list and provide engaging video content that your audience will love.

6. Your Audience will Promote You and Buy From You

Video with a personal touch can increase conversions. Trust is earned by building relationships with people on an emotional level. People will buy from those they feel comfortable buying from.

For professional services and general businesses, research shows that driving traffic to landing pages with videos of employees talking about products or services can significantly increase your leads and sales.

7. Adwords for video: Target your Audience

Eon Productions

Google AdWords for Video allows you to get laser-focused reach to your audience by advertising for videos that your audience is more likely to view and search for.

AdWords for video has the greatest advantage: you only pay for views that are engaged.

Engaged views are those that last at least 30 seconds. This means that if you skip your video ad, you don’t have to pay anything.

Take a look at how Rokenbok generated 50% of their customers from YouTube due to their video advertising campaign.

AdWords Video’s greatest benefit is its potential to increase your audience via ‘earned views’.

These views are free and can be earned by anyone who watches your video ad. Then, they go on to view one or more videos from your YouTube channel in a seven-day period.

Your YouTube channel will be more popular if someone watches at least two videos.

8. 8.Make Money With AdSense for Video

You can earn money by creating video content regularly through Google’s AdSense for Video program.

Fun Facts:

  • Over 1,000,000 content creators in 30 countries around the world are making money through YouTube videos
  • Six figures are earned by thousands of channels every year
  • To make money from your video campaigns, you can also use AdSense for Video and Google AdWords together.

It works this way:

1) A viewer sees your video advertisement in another video and clicks it.

2) The click is paid as part of your campaign budget.

3) Viewer continues to view your video and the ads of other content creators which are allowed to display on it. (can be disabled).

4) The viewer clicks on or watches the ads, and you get 68% of the ad revenues.

This allows you to run AdWords ads for your videos and make money by allowing other people to advertise on them.

YouTube can be a great platform to grow your audience and increase sales in many ways.

YouTube is a valuable addition to your growth if you take the time to understand the core components.