Rocking Horse Buying Guide

The Rocking Horse makes a great gift and toy for babies and toddlers. However, there are many different features, options and versions to choose from. Here is a Rocking Horse Buying Guide that will help you so that you can pick just the right rocking toy.

Rocking horses have quite a tradition, dating back hundreds of years. Through the years they have been and continue to be a favorite toy for babies and toddlers.

As well, parents love these toy horses that rock for many reasons. Children want to rock and play on them and remain content for long periods of time. The activity required to use a toy horse like this is a simple pulling and pushing motion-so it is not difficult to use.

When children are on a toy horse like this they get much needed exercise and develop their motor skills. The effort put into the rocking motion also is very helpful for the growth and improvement of a child’s balance.

So now that we know why they are so great, what is available in terms of variety?

The original rocking horse from years gone by was made of wood. Today the classic style of the wooden rocking horse is still available. If you are looking for something simple and looks great as a piece of furniture in the room of a child or a nursery, this style of horse makes a lot of sense.

But now there are versions that come stuffed with plush material. The plush rocking horse is soft. comfortable, and often comes in a variety of color choices.

Some of these plush horses have versions that, at the touch of a button make horse noises, sing songs or even talk to their rider. I will tell you that kids love these versions that make sounds or songs.

It will be important when getting a toy like this to make sure it will handle the size of the child. Some versions are intended for children more of a baby size while others are intended for bigger toddlers.

To add to the choices there are even rocking animals that are available. Rocking toys made to resemble dinosaurs, panda bears, elephants, bulls and giraffes are very popular.

Like all toys it is always recommended that an adult supervise when the child is playing. The same goes for when children are using rocking animals. Now that you are armed with this valuable buying decision what is stopping you from shopping for a child’s favorite toy-the rocking horse!