Before You Buy Sex Toys, These Are The Things You Need To Know

Why do you need Tinder when there are so many vibrators? There are many products that make it easier to have orgasms . There are so many choices. It can be difficult to find the right sex toys. If you don’t know where you should start, it could lead to you spending a lot of money on sub-par products. These are the basics you need to know, right from your local sex shop worker.

1. Non-toxic and body-safe materials

There are four types of materials that are safe for the body, non-toxic, and suitable to be used in a wireless sex toy. These include medical-grade silicone (hard ABS plastic), stainless steel, and glass. All of these materials are non-porous. This means that they won’t secrete harmful chemicals, absorb or grow harmful bacteria. This is especially important for people with vaginal problems. The mucosal membrane of the vagina is what makes them absorb everything they come into contact with. Avoid any product made from these materials. You can also use flame testing to verify silicone.

2. Waterproof vs. Splash-proof vs. Submergible

Waterproof toys are becoming more popular in sex toys. This is great because it allows them to be used in more places. However, it’s important to know the difference between submersible and splash-proof. You might not be able tell the difference from the packaging. This is why it’s so important to visit a sex shop in person to get help. Splash-proof is a toy that won’t get damaged by water from spilled drinks or cleaning. However, it shouldn’t go in a hot tub, shower, or bath. Submerged, on the contrary, means that the toy can be used completely submerged in water. You can find out how deep your toys will be safe.

3. Cleaning

You can clean most sex toys using soap and warm water. However, I do recommend that you use unscented soaps. Many stores and manufacturers also recommend specific cleaners. Although cleaners are quick and easy to remove any dirt, they can be costly. For toys that have a motor you can use bleach (1:10 bleach to water) or boil toys without electronic parts. It is important to sanitize toys that are going to be shared with others.

4. Lube

My opinion is that lube is the most important component of safe and enjoyable sex with toys. There are three kinds of lube that you will find. They serve different purposes and offer a variety of quality.

  • Water-based lube can be used with almost any sex item. It is easy to clean as it is water-soluble. There are many variations, from heating and cooling to flavored.
  • Although water-based lube isn’t as durable as other types, it can be activated by adding more or less water.
  • Silicone lube is made of a variety of silicones and sometimes other additives such as Vitamin E. However, it’s not recommended to be used with silicone toys because the silicone lubricant could cause damage to the silicone toys. It is possible for silicone lubricant to stain sheets if it is not of high quality.
  • Hybrid Lubricant is a mixture of silicone lubricants and water. Its ratio is usually between 20% and 80% silicone. It is safer than water-based lubricants and can be used with silicone toys.
  • It is important to ensure that your lube does not contain any parabens, glycerins, or sugars. These ingredients are generally safe for those with penis, but can lead to serious yeast infections in vaginal-owners. Pleasedo not use Vaseline or lotion, and listen to your body if you are using coconut oil.

5. Where to Buy

In-person shopping is my preferred method of buying sex toys. It allows you to speak to knowledgeable people about the products. However, online shopping is more convenient and discreet for many people. There are many great places to shop from. SheVibe is my favorite, as it’s comic-themed and offers a wide range of products. It’s better to avoid Amazon if you are looking for toys online. Amazon is a very small marketplace and it’s difficult to determine if the product you are purchasing is authentic, body-safe, counterfeit, or used. You will know exactly what you are getting from online sex retailers, as most packaging is discreet like Amazon.