15 the Greatest Video Game Mods

Gaming mods can extend certain games by giving them more play time or even reviving some old games. There are many mods available, each of which could have a profound effect on the game they are meant to modify.

Mods can be used to improve the visuals of the game, while others may only alter the gameplay. Many mods were designed to improve the quality of the title’s gameplay, and are not included in other expansions.

What games have the best mods available?

15 Portal 2 – Portal Stories: Mel

Portal2 is one the most popular games ever made. It also has a fantastic modding community, which has created many amazing levels and experiences.

Portal Stories Mel is the best community mod available for this game. This free community expansion mod features full voice acting, some fun puzzles, and is the best thing people can do after they have finished Portal2.

14 Half-Life 2 NeoTokyo

An excellent tactical multiplayer mod for which is wildly fun in all shapes and forms. NeoTokyo has many reasons to be a great mod.

This mod’s multiplayer encounters are intense and fun. The cyberpunk setting, backstory and gameplay of the game is also very impressive. A demo of a single-player campaign in the NeoTokyo universe was released recently.

13 Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords Mod (TSLRCM).

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was a fantastic title and fans could not wait to see the next chapter. Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords was a disappointing title. This is due in large part to the fact Obsidian Entertainment couldn’t integrate all the elements it wanted into the overall experience.

TSLCM incorporates the majority of this Luna trainer into the game and polishes the experience. This is a must-have tool for anyone who wants KOTOR II to be enjoyable without compromises.

12 Doom 3: The Dark Mod

Thief is one of the most loved stealth titles. Players decided to use the engine Doom in order to make a mod that would honor this title.

The Dark Mod, an excellent stealth videogame, uses the id Tech 4 engine and creates an experience that is both a tribute to Thief series and a great experience all its own.

11 The Witcher 2 – Assassins of Kings Farewell To The White Wolf

The Witcher 2is an excellent game. Those who wish to see more of Geralt’s stories in the engine can download the Farewell to the White Wolf mod. This fan expansion is an epilogue for T the Witcher series. The story focuses on Geralt’s marriage with Yennefer.

This mod does not have voice acting. However, those who are able to overlook it can install the Farewell of the White Wolf mod and enjoy another chapter in the life of Geralt of Rivia.

10 Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt

Garry’s Mod is an unofficial game. The base title is the only game the player can play. However, the world can be freely modified. Gamers can use the game’s platform to create their own content. This allows them to play within a game. There are many mods for Garry’s Mod.

Prop hunt is one of the most popular mods. Prop Hunt, a modified hide and seek mod where Props hide themselves as objects and blend into the environment. The prop hunters must find and kill the props within the given time frame. It is very entertaining.

9 Stardew Valley – Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley was an amazing achievement. It was all done by Eric Barone. He’s still updating the game regularly with lots of content. Eric knows that mods are important to the gaming industry and goes out of his way for them.

Although the base game is full of content, those who have spent thousands of hours on this farming sim may want something more. FlashShifter created Stardew Valley Extended, which adds new characters and locations to the game. Mods are the best way to go if you’re looking for something completely new.

8 Dark Souls 3 – Item Randomizer/Irregulator/StraySouls

Ah Dark Souls is a notoriously difficult game by . Many players have spent their lives trying to beat this game. Is there a way to make this even more difficult? There are three possible ways to make it more difficult.

The Item Randomizer mod makes every item in the game random. The Irregulator changes all stats and moves of equipment. For example, a club might have the attack of a rapier. StraySouls allows you to randomly place enemies and adjust the amount they appear, so the first enemy could be the end of the game.

7 GTA V Roleplay Servers

GTA has been around since 2013. It’s still very popular, especially because GTA keeps adding new content. For those looking for a truly unique experience, you can try one of the GTA Roleplay Servers, also known as FiveM.

These servers host a modified GTA where role-playing can be done. If you want to play that character, then you must voice it. Traffic laws need to be followed. There are also role-playing police officers on every server. Jail time is also an option. It is a truly immersive experience.

6 Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition/Ghost Mode

You’ve never tried to replay the Witcher3 but you know how it works. How about a complete overhaul of the game? Two mods excel at this task: Witcher3 Enhanced Edition, and Ghost Mode.

Enhanced Edition mod is an overhaul mod that focuses heavily on immersion. It changes combat but also alters most other things, such as alchemy, level system and how loot works. You will notice a vastly different experience than the vanilla game.

Ghost Mode is an overhaul of the vanilla game that modifies it to keep it as close as possible to the base game but makes it more exciting.

5 Deus Ex – The Nameless Mod

It is approaching its 20th anniversary since it was released in June 2000. Deus Ex, a first-person cyberpunk action game, is now in its 20th anniversary. To satisfy your cyberpunk craving, you can play the Deus Ex mod called the Nameless Mod.

The Nameless Mod was a complete conversion mod that was released in 2009. It’s still being developed today. This mod adds new stories, new weapons, enemies, and is not located in the Ex universe. This mod was created with humor in mind, so keep it lighthearted.

4 Fallout New Vegas – New California

Fallout New Vegasis a great Fallout game. There are many mods that can make it unique from the base game. What about a new campaign? It’s possible with Fallout New California, although it was called Project Brazil before its beta release.

Fallout New Californa was launched in October 2018. It’s currently in beta. However, it’s being updated as the Sept 2019 update. You can explore new places, find new enemies and have new missions.

This mod has a unique feature: you can play as the Courier. However, it only works when the Californa mod finishes. Twenty years have passed since your last visit to New Vegas.

3 Skyrim – Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim is one of the most popular modded games. NexusMods says that the Skyrim original has 62.6k mods. Mods can alter every aspect of the game from graphics to the creatures that inhabit the land to weapons and magic. These mods can add new quests or massive expansions.

Enderal is one of the most popular and powerful mods. It is a complete conversion mod. It has its own world and tells its own story. It also completely changes the skill systems and gameplay mechanics. It’s free to download and is available on Steam. Only the base game is required.

2 Final Fantasy 7: New Threat/Randomizer

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is due in April. But what if you want to scratch that itch with a new take on the original? SegaChief has created a mod called New Threat. This mod adds a variety of things to the Final Fantasy game that everyone loves. This mod takes what you know about the original title, and turns it against you. This mod is truly outstanding.

A randomizer is another option. Over the past few years, randomizers have become hugely popular. A few can alter the contents of the chests and some can even change the enemies that appear. SegaChief created a Final Fantasy 7 Randomizer and it looks amazing. It has enemy model swapping, which is a great feature. Cloud and his friends will be engaging in some hilarious battles.

1 Doom – Brutal Doom

Everyone is familiar with Doom. It was released in 1993 and revolutionized first-person shooter gaming. Doomguy was born. It was brutal in a way but was surprisingly mild. However, Brutal Doom is a mod that increases the violence by a thousand.

This mod is described best in two words: extremely intense. It adds placement damage, complete dismemberment, blood galore, executions. The weapons are completely overhauled. There is no more progressive weapon system than the original. Each gun is extremely powerful but has its drawbacks. Everyone knows and loves the Doom. Now it has a new look, with blood.