10 Reasons Why You Should Play Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a popular mobile RPG. You can now play this game on your computer via the PlariumPlay platform. Is this worth the effort? It is, we can tell you! These are 10 reasons why you should get this amazing adventure.

You can play Raid: Shadow Legends on your home screen to see its stunning graphics. Plarium Play is a program that allows you to play Raid: Shadow Legends directly on your PC. Plarium Play is free and you can also try other great games through it.

There’s more good news: RAID for PC now has HD textures for characters and environments, as well as new animations and terrain effects. All this is completely customizable so that you don’t have to worry too much about your computer power.

2. You can play it wherever you like

Are you tired of the PC version? Do you want to continue playing on your sofa or bed while still using the PC version? It’s possible! All your devices can sync your Shadow Legends game. The game adapts to your lifestyle and pace.

3. Role playing at high quality on your mobile device and PC

Here’s some information to help you get familiar with the game. Raid: Shadow Legends, an online RPG, was released originally for Android and iPhone. It has been a top-rated console game ever since its inception. It has stunning graphics, fast-paced action and a complex plot with twists and betrayals.

4. There is almost no end to the content

The campaign has four difficulty levels (Normal, Hard Brutal, Nightmare), and twelve levels. Each level is made up of seven stages. You’ll find Raid’s amazing storyline here, and you will begin to understand the combat system.

The campaign is only the beginning. You will then have to defeat 10 dungeon bosses, which require strategy and a lot of tact to defeat. The challenge doesn’t stop there. You can also check out the arena where you can battle other players, participate in faction wars and take on weekly challenges.

5. There are more than 300 champions available to fight for your cause

Raid: Shadow Legends boasts more than 300 Champions from various tribes and factions. They are your warriors. They are your army against the forces that are evil. Victory is impossible without them.

There are four types: Support, Defense, Attack and Health Point. Each name denotes the attribute that you will develop the fastest while training your fighters. But, a Defense Champion does not have to be a combatant. You can customize each Champion with Raid, as it is flexible. There are over a million possible configurations.

There are so many options, and your job is to find the best way to maximize your Champions’ potential at all times. Are you up for the challenge?

6. A complex and addictive combat system

If Pokemon came to your mind while reading the section on collecting Champions, then you are on the right track! The battle system in Raid: Shadow Legends is based on the timeless concept of “rock-paper-scissors.”

Each Champion has an affinity. Each Affinity can be strong against one Affinity and weak against another. Let us explain:

  • Magic: Strong against Spirit, but weak against Force
  • Spirit: Strong against Force, but weak against Magic
  • Force: Strong against Magic, but weak against Spirit
  • Void: There are no strengths or weaknesses

Your first task is to learn the rock-paper-scissors method and integrate it into your strategies. This is your key to success.

This is not all. It’s important to be able to comprehend the system of buffs, debuffs, and other aspects of Raid. Learn how to use the speed, attacks, and defensive maneuvers of your Champions to your advantage and how to weaken enemies or change their state with poison.

Raid combat is turn-based so you can take as long as you need to plan your next attack.

7. You can take it at your own pace

Raid’s core is farming, just like any other role-playing game. To train your Champions and acquire Shards, you’ll continue to repeat dungeons and challenges. If you feel that your next farming battles are going to be difficult, turn on “auto”. You can watch the Netflix series that you are addicted to or have lunch with your Champions. Your Champions will attack by themselves.

Is it too hard for your Champions’ AI to win the next battle? You don’t have to worry about it, simply go back into manual mode and micromanage them.

8. There are many resources available for beginners

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the new concepts? Don’t worry. Raid: Shadow Legends offers tons of resources that will help newbies quickly learn its systems, and feel at home.

The narrative tutorial introduces Raid’s world through a film and teaches you how to fight. Although 300 Champions can seem daunting, Raid will only allow you to choose four Champions at the end of the tutorial: Athel with her amazing Area of Effect ability, Galek, Kael, the Dark Elf with his poisonous abilities, or Elhain with her critical attack skills. Your Champion will save you from trouble no matter what you choose.

Raid keeps Raid updated with new help features: packs with Champions, Shards, energy, and more! You’ll feel totally supported!

9. You can conquer evil without spending a penny

Raid will reward you for your accomplishments, and you can always stop by the virtual shop. You can earn Champions by completing weekly challenges, killing clan bosses, and overcoming new levels. However, it will take a lot of knowledge to reach the top.

10. You are not the only one who is looking for adventure.

You can also download Plarium Games to your computer because the platform offers access to other free-to play games with the same quality and features as Raid. You can also play Stormfall: Age of War, a strategy game, or the addictive Vikings.